Walking Tour: Self-Guided with Kids

Pima Air and Space Museum

We are pleased to provide a safe environment for kids to explore. Kids (and adults) are allowed to touch most of the planes here—with respect of course.

Aviation is full of advanced technology and we have plenty to offer in terms of inspiring young minds. We believe the airplanes speak for themselves and they have a lot to say. As you know, kids’ interests change as they grow (which is why you’ll want to bring them back again and again). According to 2012 “The Art of the Family Vacation” research by H2R Market Research, to optimize a museum visit with kids base the activities on the age of the child, specifically:

The following is a brief summary of suggestions to pique kids’ natural curiosity by the aforementioned age groups throughout the museum. As some activities appeal to several age groups, they are color-coded to help families with children of more than one age group.