Lockheed P-80B Shooting Star

Pima Air and Space Museum Aircraft

22nd Fighter Bomber Squadron, 36th Fighter Group, Furstenfeldbruck Air Base, Germany, 1949
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Lockheed P-80B Shooting Star

Designed in 1943 and first flown in 1944 the P-80 became the first mass produced jet fighter in the inventory of the U.S. Air Force. Originally intended as a pure fighter the Shooting Star saw most of its service as a ground support aircraft. However, an F-80 was the victor in the world’s first jet on jet dogfight when one shot down a North Korean MiG-15 in November 1950. F-80s served in training and Air National Guard units until the late 1950s when the last were finally retired. A total of 1,731 F-80s were built.

The P-80 lead to the design of the T-33 trainer

Wingspan 38 ft 10 in
Length 34 ft 6 in
Height 11 ft 4 in
Weight 16,856 lbs (loaded)
Max. Speed 580 mph
Service Ceiling 46,800 ft
Range 1,090 miles
Engines 1 Allison J33 turbojet 5,400 lbs thrust
Crew 1