Frank Luke, Jr.

Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame
Enshrined 1990

Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. was born in Phoenix, AZ. and enlisted in the U.S. Army Aviation Section in 1917 at Tucson. Luke received his aviation wings after only 7 weeks of training.

In France, after further training he was assigned to the 27th Aero Squadron. In a period of only 13 combat days, he destroyed at least 5 German aircraft and 14 enemy balloons. 5 of Luke’s Spad XIII aircraft were damaged beyond repair by enemy fire.

On Sept. 29, 1918, he brought down 3 enemy balloons, but was badly wounded and forced to land behind German lines. Refusing to surrender, he fired his pistol at German troops until fatally wounded. In addition to other honors, Lt. Luke received the Medal of Honor and 2 Distinguished Service Crosses. Luke Air Force Base was named in his honor.


Luke Field on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, was also named for him.