Richard G. Snyder

Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame
Enshrined 1998

A decorated military pilot, FAA research pilot, transcontinental racer, professor and research scientist, Dr. Richard Snyder has over 50 years experience in over 70 models of aircraft.

Surviving a jet fighter crash, he subsequently combined his aviation and biomedical background to improve flight safety, occupant crash protection, and the knowledge of hu m an impact tolerances.

He has authored some 400 scientific publications, reports, and presentations. Dr. Snyder was inducted into the Health and Safety Hall of Fame International in 1993, and received the John Stapp Award in Aerospace Biomechanics in 1994.

A longtime Tucson resident, Dr. Snyder received his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. from the University of Arizona and is a Fellow in Aerospace Medicine.

Dr. Snyder is a member of The Order of Daedalians.

Dr. Snyder visited the Hall of Fame on 25 Mar 2012