Designation: A-10A

Fairchild A-10A

Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II

A picture of the Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II

Called the Warthog by its pilots and ground crews the A-10 is not the prettiest aircraft ever built, but it is extremely good at its job — killing tanks.  Designed around a massive 30mm rotary cannon capable of firing up to 4,200 rounds per minute and with large amounts of titanium armor around the cockpit and engines the A-10 is almost a flying tank itself.  Design work on the A-10 began in 1967 for an Air Force competition for a close air support aircraft based on experience gained in Vietnam.  The prototype for the Thunderbolt first flew in 1972 and Fairchild was awarded a production contract by the end of the year.  After further testing the A-10 entered service in 1976.  A total of 713 were built between 1975 and 1984.  The A-10 first proved its capabilities in the 1990-91 Gulf War by destroying several thousand Iraqi tanks, and other vehicles.  The A-10 continues to serve in combat and is likely to remain in service through at least 2022.

Wingspan 57 ft 6 in.


Length 53 ft 4 in.


Height 14 ft 8 in.


Weight 50,000 lbs (loaded)


Max. Speed 439 MPH

Maximum Speed

Service Ceiling 30,500 ft

Service Ceiling

Range 620 miles


Engines Two General Electric TF34-GE-100 turbofans with 9,065 pounds of thrust each


Crew 1



355th Tactical Fighter Wing, 358th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, 1992

Serial Number


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