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School Group Booking

Pima Air and Space Museum is a fun-filled day of student learning and exploration! Students will be immersed in aviation and military history as they explore the world of aviation technology. All groups are self-guided unless a tour or class is added to the field trip. Classes and tours can be added to your school’s visit at an additional fee. Maps are available upon entry. You can preview the maps below to help plan your visit. 


All Fieldtrip bookings should be booked via the online booking site. Use the book now button at the bottom of the page. There will be no school/youth group visit availability during the month of March. To ensure a seamless check-in process, we have implemented timed entry for school groups. Please select select the time slot that best suits your group’s arrival time. Be advised that only one group may book per time slot.

Pima County Schools

Free museum admission is given to schools located in Pima County and are public or charter schools. This offer is only valid for schools that do not charge tuition. To receive free admission all groups must book a minimum of 1 week in advance. We do require adequate chaperone supervision is present and our chaperone ratio is met for free admission.

Students: Free
Chaperones within ratio: Free
Extra Chaperones: $15.25 (Pima County Rate)

There will be no school/youth group visit availability during the month of March.

Non-Pima County Schools Private Tuition based schools

Discounted admission is given to schools outside of Pima County or private tuition-based schools located inside Pima County. This includes private schools, summer camps, daycares, and schools that charge yearly tuition. To receive discounted admission all groups must book a minimum of 1 week in advance.

Students: $5.00
Chaperones within ratio: $5.00
Extra Chaperones: $19.50 (Regular Admission Rates

There will be no school/youth group visit availability during the month of March.

Chaperones Ratio:

  • Pre-K – 3rd grade 1 chaperone per 5 students
  • 4th -12th Grade 1 Chaperone per 10 students.
  • 1 additional teacher/group organizer per group.

Groups will need to adhere to our minimum number of chaperones for their age group. Any extra adult chaperones outside of the ratio set by the museum will be charged the regular admission rates.

All groups are allotted one adult outside the chaperone ratio to be the School/group organizer. This person is responsible for making sure their chaperones are successfully managing their groups and helping with behavior issues if needed. This person should also be the group contact for the museum on the day of the visit.

If you have a student who needs one-on-one assistance and that will push you over the chaperone ratio, please email [email protected] to discuss options. Students only qualify for this accommodation if they have a 504 or IEP that require a one-on-one aide in the classroom. 

Teachers are considered chaperones and must be included in the chaperone ratio count.


Sack Lunches

  • Pima Air and Space Museum does not allow outside food on museum premises, however, there is an outside picnic area in our parking lot that groups can use.
  • We do not reserve this area; it is first come first serve.
    School groups will be allowed to reenter the museum if they leave to go eat lunch in the picnic area.
  • The schools are responsible for transporting their lunches to and from the picnic area.
  • Pima Air and Space Museum cannot store lunches for schools without prior arrangement. 

Pre-ordered Lunch from The Flight Grill

  • Groups must complete the lunch form a minimum of 5 business days prior to your visit and booking must be done via our online booking system.
  • We offer a box lunch option for school
  • we offer Skypasss, a prepaid lunch pass allowing students to purchase anything they would like from the grill.

Lunch from the Flight Grill

  • If your group is planning on visiting the Flight Grill but not pre-ordering meals. Please indicate that on the booking form, to help expedite your food orders.
  • please make sure you look over the Flight Grill Rules on your Teacher Agreement forms and that the chaperones understand all rules.

Additional Information

  • Due to an increase in incidents involving theft and damage to museum property, students may not bring backpacks onto museum grounds. All student bags must be left on the bus; the museum will not store bags. Teachers and chaperones are allowed one bag each. Adults outside the chaperone ratio are not permitted to bring a bag and must leave them on the bus. 
  • Groups need to have their booking completed a minimum of 7 days prior to their visit. If you are trying to book a visit with less than 7 days notice, you will not be able to book via the online booking system and the regular admission rate will apply to your group.
  • Please note that we do check each school group booking and will contact you if we find any discrepancy with your booking and fees.
  • Extra chaperones who are not included in the chaperone ratio do not need to pre-book. they will pay upon arrival to the museum. 
  • There will be no school/youth group visit availability during the month of March.


    • We have a strict 48-hour written cancellation policy. Groups who cancel a minimum of 48 hours in advance will be refunded their full admission cost. Groups that cancel less than 48 hours in advance will not be subject to a refund.
    • All cancellations must be in writing via email to [email protected].