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Designation: AD-5Q

Douglas EA-1F

Douglas EA-1F (AD-5Q) Skyraider

A picture of the Douglas EA-1F Skyraider

The design of the Douglas Skyraider dates to 1943 when the U.S. Navy requested a single seat aircraft capable of acting as both a dive bomber and a torpedo bomber.  The prototype first flew in March 1945.  The design was very well received during testing and the first aircraft entered service in 1946 as the AD-1.  The Skyraider proved to be a very adaptable design and production of eight major models and thirty-seven variants continued until 1957 with 3,180 built.  The basic AD-5 model appeared in 1950 as a two seat anti-submarine aircraft with a wider and slightly longer fuselage.  The larger fuselage allowed more extensive modification into a four seat electronic countermeasures aircraft designated AD-5Q.  In 1962, these aircraft were redesignated as EA-1F.  A small number of them remained in service as late as 1979.

Wingspan 50 ft 9 in.


Length 40 ft 1 in.


Height 15 ft 10 in.


Weight 18,799 lbs (loaded)


Max. Speed 200 MPH

Maximum Speed

Service Ceiling 26,000 ft

Service Ceiling

Range 1,202 miles


Engines One Wright R-3350-26WA radial engine with 2,700 horsepower


Crew 4



VAW-33, USS America, 1967

Serial Number


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