Designation: FJ-4B

North American FJ-4B

North American FJ-4B (AF-1E) Fury

A picture of the North American FJ-4B Fury

The North American Fury is a navalized version of the F-86 Sabre.  The FJ-4B version of the Fury was designed in 1956 specifically to provide the U.S. Navy with a nuclear strike aircraft.  Equipped with the Low Altitude Bombing System (LABS) computer and carrying one nuclear weapon on the inboard left wing the FJ-4B served until the early 1960s when most were phased out of service.  A total of 222 FJ-4B Furies were built.

Service History

This Fury, Bureau Number 139531 is the first FJ-4B built and served as the prototype.  It was built by North American Aviation and was officially delivered to the Navy on December 14, 1956 although its first flight was on December 3, 1956.

December 1956           Research and Development, Naval Air Station Columbus, Ohio.

February 1960             Overhaul and Repair, Bureau of Weapons, Naval Air Station Alameda, California.

Wingspan 39 ft 1 in.


Length 36 ft 4 in.


Height 13 ft 11 in.


Weight 23,700 lbs (loaded)


Max. Speed 680 MPH

Maximum Speed

Service Ceiling 46,800 ft

Service Ceiling

Range 2,020 miles


Engines One Wright J-65-W-16A turbojet with 7,700 pounds thrust


Crew 1


North American

Prototype flight testing, Naval Air Station Columbus, Ohio, 1956


Serial Number

September 1961          Naval Air Reserve, Naval Air Station Glenview, Illinois.

December 1962           Redesignated AF-1E.

October 1963              Naval Air Reserve, Naval Air Station Atlanta, Georgia.

April 1965                   Placed in storage at Naval Air Station Glynco, Georgia.

May 1978                    Loaned to Pima Air & Space Museum by the National Naval Aviation Museum.

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