Designation: X-15A-2

North American X-15

North American X-15A-2 Mockup

A picture of the North American X-15A-2 Mockup

The X-15 is one of the most successful aircraft of the X-Plane series of experimental aircraft.  Designed in the late 1950s to explore high altitudes and high speeds the X-15 flew 199 times and set both altitude and speed records.  Eventually the X-15 flew high enough to earn its pilots Astronaut wings.  It also set the world’s absolute speed record by flying over six times the speed of sound.

Service History

North American Aviation built the mockup on display at the Pima Air & Space Museum in 1956.  It was used as a construction guide for the building of the three X-15s that flew at Edwards Air Force Base.  It has been modified to represent the X-15A-2 which added two external fuel tanks to increase the burn time of the aircraft’s rocket engine.

Wingspan 22 ft 4 in.


Length 50 ft


Height 13 ft


Weight 56,130 lbs (loaded)


Max. Speed 4,520 MPH

Maximum Speed

Service Ceiling 354,200 ft

Service Ceiling

Range 275 miles


Engines One Thiokol XLR99-RM-2 rocket engine with 57,850 pounds of thrust


Crew 1


North American

U.S. Air Force/NASA, Edwards Air Force Base, 1968


Serial Number

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