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Ruth Helm and Dawn Seymour

Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame
Enshrined 1993

Ruth Helm was born in 1916 in Grapeland, Texas. She was in WASP Class 43-2 out of Hughes Field in Houston, Texas. Ruth ferried pursuit (fighter) aircraft. Ruth served as WASP National Treasurer, 1990-92 and WASP National Vice President 1992-94 and is an Associate Member of the Order of Daedalians. She founded Thunderhead Ranch, one of the first fly-in guest ranches.

Dawn R.B. Seymour was born in 1917 in Rochester, New York. She was in WASP Class 43-5 at Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas. Dawn ferried B-17 aircraft (only 13 WASPs qualified). She served as WASP National President from 1982-84 and chaired the WASP Memorial Committee.

Of the 1830 candidates admitted to the WASP program, 1074 graduated and served as WASPs. The WASPs delivered 12,650 aircraft of 77 types and models to military destinations around the world during WWII. WASPs delivered 50 percent of the fighter aircraft from aircraft manufacturers to Air Corps installations. Thirty-eight WASPs died serving their country as members of the Women Air Service Pilots.

The induction of Ms. Helm and Ms. Seymour into the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame pays tribute to their aviation skills and their service to our country during WWII. As WASPs, their duel-induction is intended to also symbolically recognize all their WASP sisters who served our nation using their piloting skills during the war.


Nearly 200 WASPs, including Ruth Helm and Dawn Seymour, were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. It is the highest honor for civilians.

Past Honorees: In 2000 the Navajo Code Talkers and in 2006 the Tuskegee Airmen