Avian Falcon II Skydancer

Old photo of the Avian Falcon II Skydancer, a hot air balloon carrying 1 pilot and 2 passengers.

This aircraft is not currently on public display.

When humans finally achieved the dream of flight, they did it in hot air balloons. The first successful human flight in a balloon was in France in 1783. Hot air balloons were quickly replaced by hydrogen-filled gas balloons which were considered safer. In the 1960s, hot air balloons began a resurgence in popularity among sport pilots. Competitions and festivals are held around the world with the largest being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This gathering attracts nearly 1,000 balloons each year. The Avian Falcon II is a medium-sized balloon often used in competition flights and for carrying passengers.


51 ft


61 ft

Envelope Volume

60,000 cubic feet


1,000 lbs (loaded)

Service Ceiling

10,000 ft


1 pilot, 2 passengers


Barbara Demaree, Muncie, Indiana, 1992

Falcon II

N3AV, N4369Z

Serial Number

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