The MMIST CQ-10A SnowGoose is a low-cost resupply Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) used by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The CQ-10 was designed and built by the Canadian firm Mist Mobility Integrated System Technology (MMIST) as a self-propelled autonomous GPS-navigated parafoil delivery system. It can be launched off the back of a moving Humvee or from a cargo airplane. When launched from a Humvee, the parafoil is deployed and the forward momentum of the vehicle combined with the SnowGoose’s engine propels it airborne. When airborne, it flies using the parafoil and the pusher propeller much like recreational powered paragliders.

The CQ-10 can carry a maximum payload of 600 pounds in its six cargo bays. For longer range missions the CQ-10 can trade payload for additional fuel. The mission flight plan is uploaded into the CQ-10 with a laptop, making it autonomous, requiring no further input from a ground controller. Once it reaches its destination it can either land or release the supplies from the air.

Wingspan (parafoil)

6 ft 8 in


9 ft 6 in


1,400 lbs (loaded)

Maximum Speed

38 mph

Service Ceiling

18,000 ft


184 miles (with a 75-pound payload)


Rotax 914 piston engine with 110 horsepower

Mist Mobility Integrated System Technology (MMIST)

CQ-10A SnowGoose

Serial Number

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