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Designation: 415C

Erco 415C

Erco 415C ERCoupe

A picture of the Erco 415C ERCoupe

Designed by Fred Weick this small two passenger private plane first built in 1939 introduced several revolutionary design elements to the light plane pilots of the day.  It was the first General Aviation type aircraft with a tricycle landing gear, was of all metal mono-coupe design with a low wing and when compared to its high wing, tube framed, and fabric covered competitors it looked very sophisticated and modern.  However, the most intriguing design element is not visible from outside the aircraft.  In its standard form the Ercoupe does not have rudder pedals.  The rudder is mechanically linked to the ailerons and are both controlled by turning the control wheel.  This virtually eliminates the possibility of spinning the aircraft.  The Ercoupe was first sold in 1939, but World War II temporarily stopped production.  Production resumed in 1946 and Erco built 4,309 of them that year alone.  Production continued at significantly lower rates until 1950 when Erco stopped building aircraft.  Several other companies have built Ercoupes over the years since and the last one left the assembly line in 1970.

Wingspan 30 ft


Length 20 ft 2 in.


Height 6 ft 3 in.


Weight 1,260 lbs (loaded)


Max. Speed 117 MPH

Maximum Speed

Service Ceiling 14,500 ft

Service Ceiling

Range 400 miles


Engines One Continental C-75-12 piston engine with 75 horsepower


Crew 2



Pima Air & Space Museum, 2004



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