Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame

The Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame is located in the Dorothy Finley Space Gallery and offers museum visitors a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with noteworthy Arizona aviators. Established by a joint proclamation of the Governor of Arizona, the Pima County Board of Supervisors and the City of Tucson in 1985, the Hall of Fame is a permanent shrine to Arizonans who have played a role in or made a significant contribution to aviation and aerospace history. Noteworthy honorees include: former United States Senator Barry Goldwater, astronaut Frank Borman and Doolittle Raider David “Davey” Jones.

Make a Nomination

Would you like to nominate someone to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame? You can nominate someone at any time. Nominees shall have been born in Arizona or have lived in Arizona during his/her life time for a period of time deemed appropriate. All information requested in the Nomination Application must be provided. The nominee will have made his/her contributions while living in Arizona.

Nomination Form

Click to nominate a candidate online or to download a Microsoft Word document/form. After a nomination is received, if accepted, the Honoree is invited to attend an Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame (AAHOF) awards dinner and Induction Ceremony.

Honorees in the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame

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